After Death Body Cleansing and Care of the Traveller


After Death Body Cleansing and Care of the Body is a ritual, a rite of passage.
A rich experience that creates value and meaning,
helping to connect us to a deep level of acceptance.
This time-honoured practice has been the sacred tapestry,
a final act of respect, of love and kindness
towards the Traveller in many cultures since the dawn of man.
Our Doulas are here to guide and support the loved ones of the Traveller to
participate in this special time as little or as much as they feel comfortable with.
Dignity and privacy are upheld at all times, mindful of the intimate and sacred
space in which we cleanse, care for, tend to and prepare the
body of the Traveller.
Our Doulas are here to ensure that special requests, a specific faith, spiritual or
cultural tradition of the Traveller and loved ones are addressed, supported and
honoured. Special requests can include shrouding of the Traveller, preparation
and placement of the Traveller for an in-home wake, a green burial or for
collection of the Traveller by a funeral home.
Our Doulas place emphasis on providing holistic and person-centered care and
are mindful of the spiritual and psycho-social needs in cleansing, caring for,
tending to and preparing the body of the Traveller at the end of life.
Living Bridge Community Doulas believe that After Death Body Cleansing and
Care of the Traveller is profoundly significant in facilitating conscious dying and
supports the grieving process in a healthy and safe space and helps us as we
acknowledge the many facets that shape our understandings around mortality.