Meet Our Doulas


Alexandra is a Qualified Professional Counsellor and Social Worker
who has spent the past 25 years working in Government, Non-Government,
Social Enterprise and the Homelessness Sectors and
brings the qualities of compassion and integrity into her
Professional Doula Practice.
Jill has worked in Nursing and Health Administration
and in the disability and vulnerability sectors for the past 30 years.
Jill is a NESHealth Bio-Energetic Practitioner specialising in the Body Field.
Jill is an experienced Music and  Art Facilitator
both nationally and internationally.
Jill offers facilitation in Multi-Faith Chaplaincy,
Secular Non-Religious Pastoral Care and Spiritual and Emotional Wellbeing.
Jill brings the qualities of balance and harmony
into her Professional Doula Practice. 


Our End of Life Doulas

Assist you in knowing what is required in completing your legal documents

so you can have your choices known and wishes followed.  

Depending on which Australian state you reside in

there are different legal and statutory requirements for ‘paperwork’ and

legal documents empowering who you choose to support you.


Provide you, your loved ones and your supports with information

about the many end-of-life choices you have.


Support you in your right to choose an end-of-life that is meaningful to you and

that is consistent with your belief system and values

(ethnic, cultural, religious, spiritual, or personal)

and assist you to put into

place all your plans for your future as you wish.


Can be your liaison, your ‘interpreter’ with your medical and other support

teams, including family and loved ones, advocating for, and guiding all involved,

ensuring that you know all you need to.


Access the support services and other resources you may need or prefer.


Coordinate and attend with you, if you require,

services and all aspects of care provision as needs change.


Assist in the maintenance of an intimate and peaceful ‘space’ and

experience for everyone involved whether medical support is required or not and

whether in the home, hospice, hospital or residential facility.


Provide emotional and spiritual support, to all involved, before, during and after

death and facilitate access to specialists who can do so.