Sitting Vigil

 Sitting Vigil is holding compassionate presence in the

final hours. Many of us find that there are times in our lives

when we don’t want to be alone and dying may be one of those times.


Sitting Vigil is a period of time, usually 24-48 hours before death

when those around the dying remain awake.


Our End of Life Care Doulas stay present at the bedside with the

dying so that they are not alone in the last hours of life.

Sitting Vigil gives time to family and loved ones to get some sleep,

enjoy a meal, take a bath, go for a walk or just relax quietly with a cuppa.


Sitting Vigil can provide comfort to those who don’t have

loved ones by their side. Our End of Life Care Doulas create

a safe and peaceful place for the dying, offering comfort and

compassionate presence. 


Compassionate presence can be experienced as a profound kind of

being with the dying. It can nurture a mutual sense of understanding

and may be a means to console and ease the dying process

with sensitivity and courage.


Being with the dying is an integral part of being an End of Life Care Doula.

Our End of Life Care Doulas give comfort and support by holding

 compassionate presence

ensuring true continuity of care.