Sitting Vigil

 Sitting Vigil is holding compassionate presence in the Travellers
final hours. Many of us find that there are times in our lives
when we don’t want to be alone.
Dying is one of those times.
Sitting Vigil is a period of time, usually 24-48 hours before death
when those around the Traveller remain awake.
Our Doulas stay present at the bedside with the
Traveller so that they are not alone in the last hours of life. It is indeed a
privilege to be present with the Traveller and to keep vigil as they die. Sitting
Vigil gives time to family members and loved ones. Time to get some sleep, time
enjoy a meal, take a bath, go for a walk or just relax quietly with a cuppa.
Sitting Vigil can provide comfort and support to those Travellers who don’t have
loved ones by their side. Our Doulas create a safe and peaceful place for the
Traveller, offering comfort and
compassionate presence. 
Compassionate presence can be experienced as a profound kind of
being with
the Traveller in that moment. It can nurture a mutual sense of understanding and
care, and may be a means to console and ease the  dying process with
sensitivity and courage, creating a space to share the moment of death and the
finitude of life with the Traveller and their loved ones.
Being with the dying is an integral part of being an End of Life Doula.
Our Doulas give comfort and support by holding
 compassionate presence
ensuring that
no one dies alone.

Anamcara (pronounced ahn-im-KAHR-uh) is an old Gaelic word meaning “soul

friend. The earliest hospice tradition called the Ars Moriendi or Sacred

Art of Dying owes part of its legacy to the Anamcara. To the wise

woman, the End of Life Doula who sat with the dying.