Who Are Living Bridge Community Doulas?

Living Bridge Community Doulas
is a family run business, born out of personal, lived experience.
Our End of Life Doulas are passionate about supporting the Traveller, their loved
ones and their supports to move through the end of life and grieving process.
From living well at the point of diagnosis with a life limiting condition to active
dying during the last days of life until death.
Our End-of-Life Doulas are also passionate about death literacy, and supporting
you and your loved ones to make informed health care and end-of-life care
choices while you are living wellAt some point in the future, you may be
unable to make decisions about your health care, even temporarily.
Your Advance Health Directive is a legal document that allows you to give
directions about your future health care and when necessary your end-of-life
care and comes into effect during times when you do not have capacity to make
your own health care decisions. Your Advance Health Directive allows your
wishes to be known in advance and gives health professionals 
direction about the treatment you want. Documenting these choices in advance
is the most loving thing anyone can do for the people who love them.
Living Bridge Community Doulas also aim to meet the needs and support the
dignity, control and privacy of people who are actively dying
as a result of aging rather than from a life limiting diagnosis of disease.
A choice over who will be present, where people will die
and what services they will get, matters.
Many of us are dying in a way that is not consistent with our
values or our wishes and too often, we are ill-equipped to support our loved
ones who are dying, caring or grieving. Our wish is to activate conversations
and curiosity to encourage death literacy by providing a space to talk about end-
of-life plans and how we can help support people and the community to do
death better.